fuwaberia Club & Café

fuwaberia is the assembly for the fuwafuwa.moe (Tor HS, IRC info) and Cyberia (Tor HS) communities at the 35th Chaos Communication Congress (35C3) in Leipzig, Germany.

The people in our community are generally interested in FLOSS, freedom of communication, privacy, /comfy/ness, and lain.

Our assembly

If you already know us, or share our interests, or simply want a comfy place to hang out, feel free to visit our assembly. :-)

You can find our assembly on c3nav.

Other useful links:

Chat with us

Our IRC channel for 35C3 is #35c3 on irc.fuwafuwa.moe, port 6697, TLS only (link).

It is also available through a Tor hidden service, on irc.snjljmcxxtlyqitp.onion, port 6667, plaintext (link).

What we offer

Aside from a comfy place to hang out, we also offer the following at our assembly: